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Alessio. Okay, he'd have to remember that, in case Alessio was ever beating him to death and he was trying to remember his name. Out of the dark comes Bart, potentially the least threatening person he's encountered on this island right next to Nate. Bart wasn't much, generally speaking. He didn't play sports. He was kind of fat. That, and he smelled like fish, for some weird reason. He heard it was a medical condition but he kinda just always assumed that Bart didn't shower regularly.

Still, he preferred seeing/smelling Bart to a lot of other people. He lowered his gun, slightly - his face didn't really say much. Slight surprise, really, that Bart was alive.

"Bart? Man, am I.." Glad to see you? Well, not really. "Just, uh.. man. You're still kicking, huh?"

Then he remembered. Soap thrower. Somewhere in the dark - he raised his gun again and out came Alan Banks.

Banks, he wasn't so happy to see. He was athletic, so he'd stand a decent chance of beating him in a fight. Beyond that, they sort of not really knew each other. They'd argued a couple of times, but beyond that, not really a whole lot. He didn't lower his gun, this time.

"Alan? Fuck me, is half the god damn school in this warehouse or something? And yeah, I'm doing great. Just great." He glanced over to Jerry, before quickly turning to face Alan again. He had his gun on him. "Just, uh. Don't do anything stupid, alright, man?"
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