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Hannah said she would talk! Relief washed over Ben because of that - then Noah said a few words to her, and stepped out of sight. Ben's eyes narrowed. His inner voice had immediately begun voicing suggestions of where he might be going and what he might be doing, and Ben couldn't help but find some of them plausible. Such as the one that wondered if there was another way downstairs, so that Noah might sneak up from behind, while Hannah distracted him and...

Ben shook his head vigourously a few times. "No!", he thought. "It's that kind of paranoia that drove away the girl with the eye-patch."

And has kept you alive until now.

"Oh, shup up," he grumbled aloud. The voice didn't reply.

So instead he turned to the girl, fixed her the most welcoming smile he could muster, though he wasn't sure she could see it, and spoke: "Thanks. I've been a bit lonely these past few days. How... er, how are you? I mean, apart from... you know."
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