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Yes, It's yellow backwards
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Throwing soap in the dark. Well that was the most fucked up thing he could've done. Now that they knew he was there, it would be stupid to think about fleeing from the warehouse. He was no coward. That crap about distracting people so he could run? Not his style. Never happened.

Instead he opted for keeping it cool and play along. Alan Banks wasn't the kind of guy who would get scared that easily, right? He took his pipe and made his way to them, making sure to not being careful with the noise he was causing. Then he made his appearance a shelf behind Bart


And walked towards them. Cool. Carefree. Natural. Smooth. Suave too? Why not. Suave. Even though he kept his usual smile, he was obviously trying to get a little more oxygen than usual after the scare. But who cares about how this loser breathes? Look, a familiar face. Matthew, that guy that always kept discussions heated. Never knew much about the guy besides that, but he was surely fun to deal with.

"Judging from the fact that you have a big gun with you I must assume you're doing fine"



I'd like to point out that English is not my first language and I'm still learning. If you find mistakes on any of my posts, you're more than welcome to send me a message telling me what's wrong so I can correct it ASAP. Thanks in advance
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