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“Maybe, maybe not.”

Nate may not have been an argumentative person, not naturally, but right now he just couldn’t give Enzo any ground. He wasn’t doing it deliberately, and he wasn’t mad at Enzo for trying, but they were wrong, and that was that. They might have been right about there being a tiny chance of survival, that maybe there’d be some hero riding up in a big boat who’d take the bombs off their necks, and suddenly make all of his friends who’d turned into killers see the error of their ways, and take them all home, but not without stopping at the Diamondback ice cream parlour for frosty chocolate milkshakes (he preferred banana splits, but again, he didn’t like to be contrary). Enzo might have been right, but Nate knew how ridiculous it sounded.

“It’s not just that, anyway.”

He was resting his head on his knees again, tilted at an angle but still looking Enzo in the eye. His smile had receded again.

“You knew Alvaro, you knew what kind of guy he was like. But now he’s killing people. It’s the same with Nancy, she was always really nice too.”

Not anymore, of course. This game turned people into monsters, after all.


No more eye contact.

“What if that happens to me?”
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