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Lucilly had expected a warmer greeting in kind. So there was still something hanging in the air. A foul miasmata, which threatens to infect the world and lame all there is to it. Though Lucilly could not care about such matters, and not care she did. In fact, there was not a single fiber in the bodily entity of Lucilly Peterson from which this very notion of 'caring about this topic' could ever arise.

All Lucilly had to do, was for Lucilly to be Lucilly. Everything else would sort out itself in time.

"Oh, Lily! You're here too. Oh, we haven't seen each other for quite a while, haven't we?"

Such a shame. For all intents and purposes, and disregarding all memories (of which there few left for Lucilly and those which remained were vague either way), Lucilly held fondness for Isabel and Lily.

So when Isabel, in an odd moment of questioning, questioned Lucilly indeed, Lucilly could only answer with a shrug.

"Are you sure? I met people who want to find you as well. Well, one person, but I bet with you there are some others as well who'd love to see you."
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