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"...Min-jae?" Cass said, hesitantly lowering the arms they had instinctively raised to protect their head. They flinched again when they saw his crossbow, but after a moment realized that it wasn't being pointed at them.

After, well, everything else; their brief meeting with Jae and Vanessa on the roof hadn't really crossed Cass's mind much. It'd been uncomfortable, but a normal, everyday sort of uncomfortable. Ten-to-twenty minutes of silence and awkward shifting drowned out by hours of a blissful, dreamlike peace with Trav before reality had gotten around to finding them again.

If Cass's heart hadn't still been racing with the very real dread of the grave, it'd almost be funny how it had only taken five days to bring the both of them from a smoke break on the roof among strangers to jumping at shadows and taking cover behind furniture at the slightest provocation. Cass's bandaged wrist paled in comparison even to what Jae had been through on that first morning; and it looked like he had picked up some new wounds along the way on top of that, not to mention the legions of horrors that had undoubtedly fought to poison his thoughts since the last time they met.

He had killed someone, hadn't he? Fatigue and adrenaline made it difficult to remember who or when it had been, but they could have sworn that his name had crossed the announcements once. Only once, though; which was enough for Cass to relax a little for now. Along with Wade, Jae was probably the only person they had already seen on the island that they didn't mind running into again. It was a relief to see that Vanessa wasn't with him; a thought that immediately made Cass hate themself just a little bit more. They were missing their rooftop companion as well, and who was to say that Jae's didn't have a similarly tragic reason for her absence?

"I'm - fuck, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you but I heard noises and I was just, like, trying to figure out what was going on because I didn't know who you were and I didn't know how loud my breathing was so you could have been, like, trying to like fuck me up out here or something because everyone here's fucked up but now that I know it's you I don't think you were, so, sorry for assuming the worst, it's just," Cass half-said, half-mumbled; their brain forming complete and coherent sentences that had lost their way en-route to their mouth; ultimately coming out sideways.

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