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He was right about venting, she was venting so fast her speech muddled together like they were the first things she thought to say and she was shaking. From what he could gather frustration and anxiety over her friends potentially dying from her leadership...

He'd never taken leadership in the past, being more of a loner meant letting others step up to the plate so he'd not have to deal with the petty bullshit leadership tends to entail. And that was just back home, god knows what stupid shit gets people around here to fight.

"So you ran away from them to be alone? Seems like that worked pretty well til I got here." He chuckled to himself about that, he'd gotten pretty good at meeting people who seemed to much rather be alone than talk to him. Now came the time for more feel good bullshit. His smile dropped when he remembered a few days ago, he did the same thing. Maybe not to the same extreme, him trying to lead people around would more likely end with him getting shot in the back than anything else. "I understand why though, not long ago I left a friend of mine behind when our goals didn't match." Regrets all around, a party of fuck ups conversing with each other. As long as some good could come from this...

Then came a certain question, one he dreaded asking since this conversation started. What would she do? She ran away from her group and she feels guilty, that's fine. But what else had she planned? From the sounds of it. Nothing.

"So, what are you going to do now?"
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