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((Lily Caldwell continued from The World's an Ugly Place, but I'm Still Afraid to Die.))

Lily concurred with Isabel far too much in this scenario to be comfortable with.

Granted, the ‘goddammit’ was something that Lily felt likely for different reasons. But… what was this new girl even doing? When Isabel was the person making the most sense, there was something horrendously wrong.

Why would anyone be happy to see Isabel? Unless they were just as cracked as she was.

Lily took a step back, her expression that of wary confusion.

This was not going to go well either way. Either the new girl was planning something—maybe getting Isabel off-guard or just hoping if she was friendly that Isabel would leave her be—or she really was happy to see Isabel, and… and what would that mean? Maybe it would mean Isabel deciding that this new girl was a better, more trustworthy limb than Lily was.

The thought was unsettling.

Lily tightened her grip on the strap of her bag, watching silently.
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