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"I um... what?"

It took a moment for Isabel to register that Lucilly just walked right up to her and seemed excited about it. Not once since Isabel got here were people legitimately happy to see her, even her friends seemed uncomfortable with her presence. Could she not see the sword and all the blood on her shirt, and hadn't she heard Isabel's name on the announcements over and over again?

What was her deal?

Isabel glanced back at Lily, who was hiding in the doorway, a look of confusion on both of their faces. She looked back and forth between Lucilly and Lily a few more times, trying to figure out if this was all some sort of prank and where the TV crew members were going to pop out from if it was, before finally speaking. "I uh... just... everyone has... avoided me this whole time? And uh... yeah. Uh... why are you glad to see me?"
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