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((Isabel Ramirez continued from The World's an Ugly Place, but I'm Still Afraid to Die))

The stairs leading up to the rooftop creaked and moaned with every step taken.

Isabel didn't really have a reason as to why she wanted to go to the asylum's roof. She had simply been wandering around the halls aimlessly, hearing the sounds of footsteps and little voices echoing through the corridors, constantly keeping on her toes. Enemies were everywhere, and Isabel has to deal with them one by one until they were all gone.

Lily was slowly making her way up the stairs just behind Isabel, a follower who was only with her to make her look better. She pondered how their partnership was inevitably going to end, as she took a few more steps upwards. Would she be wounded in a firefight, and thus allow Isabel to fake sorrow over her death for the cameras? Or would she finally snap and make an attempt at Isabel's life, only to be shut down and killed in self defense? Time would tell, eventually, but Isabel internally dreaded either outcome, not wanting to be alone yet again.

The door to the rooftop sat slightly ajar as the duo made it to the top of the stairs, the smell of the outside air being refreshing compared to the musty air filling the asylum. Isabel shouldered the door completely open, shielding her eyes from the harsh sunlight as she stepped out onto the roof.

It was there where she was greeted by yet another enemy.

"Oh... goddammit."
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