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((Brendan Harte continued from Santa Sangre))

There he was.

Well, two people that Brendan was seeing. One dead, one alive. He knew that he should be used to seeing bodies but he couldn't help feeling sick and horrified at seeing anyone dead. He wondered if he could ever get over the sight of corpses. No, he would never get over it. He didn't want to say anything about the body yet. He didn't want to ruin the current mood. He was feeling like he should just be glad that Maxim was alive and well.

So why wasn't he?

Brendan was standing beside Fiyori's side, noticing the smoke as well. Right, there had been a fire at the library. He missed being back at the library at home, being absorbed in his books. Being in his own little world. How he wished he could have those days back. Sadly, this was reality and there was no going back to a time like that.

He needed to speak. He needed to get Maxim's attention as well as Fiyori's.

"Makes you wonder what the person who did it was trying to achieve."

Brendan hoped that was good enough for his friend to hear for now.
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