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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Santa Sangre]]

"It's quite the sight, isn't it."

Fiyori had, after careful deliberation on her own all alone, decided something important. She wouldn't surprise people. As in, she would announce herself. Her presence would be, by default, be clear to those she visited. Back in Kingman she had come into the habit of sneaking up on people. Her father hated it. He'd joke that Fiyori was trying to give him a heart attack. Her mother hated it too. She'd say the same, but she'd be serious.

Either way. Fact of the day, Fiyori got a habit for sneaking up on people and that was something she would work on. Oh, it was a useful skill. Especially for the fact that she did not hone it as one would learn for school or train for a sport. But it was also rude. And given the circumstances, also dangerous.

She would not have wanted for Maxim to turn around and shoot her with a handgun, just because she startled him.

"You know what's up with that, Max?"
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