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The impulse was there. It wasn't even her fucking fault, but it was still there. His anger just wanted to go somewhere, to actually accomplish something for once in this hell hole. He almost took a swing at her right there. There was that same familiar tension right before he made one more shitty decision, but there was a weight on his shoulder. The same one that had been there every time he'd tried to do something stupid these last few months. Even when she wasn't around he could feel Bee's hand on him reminding him that he had a choice. Demanding that he be a better man. He could almost see her when he glanced over his shoulder, those concerned eyes that both told him he was making a mistake and assured him that everything was gonna be okay all at the same time. It was comforting. It was also heartbreaking. As crazy as it was he couldn't help but feel like if Bee was here, this whole damn thing would make a lot more sense.

But she was really gone. He'd never even gotten to see her after they woke up here. All he had was the memory of her and that little blue ring on a chain around his neck. Having that boil up on him now seemed almost felt like having his failures thrown right in his face.

It wasn't fair. It wasn't goddamn fair that good people kept dying while all the fucking monsters like Isabel and Brendan and whoever the fuck else just kept killing. He could feel that weight on him again as his anger hooked into that line of reasoning, but for the first time he resisted it. It was too important to hate them. His eyes locked in on the girl's once he'd gathered himself. "I'm guessin' you don't really use that thing." Ty tried to speak nice and slow to keep himself calm. "So I'm just gonna ask you which way they went."

Keith was in a bad way. Sounded like he was near hyperventilating. Maybe it was the first time he'd really lost someone here. Right now, Ty was having a hard time finding any sympathy for him. There wasn't any time to slow down and coddle the coward. Isabel and Lily probably already had a hell of a lead on him.
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