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[[Lucilly Peterson, continued from a dr34m come true]]

It had been a stroke of ill fate, had Lucilly believed in such ludicrous concepts. In fact, the word fate itself implied with all it's majestic might that the course of a human had been laid clear by a power higher than any actor on this world's stage. The truth of the situation was simple, as was it's cause. Lucilly was somewhere, and Dorothy was somewhere else. It was inconvenient, though in a most improper moment of joy Lucilly had let herself go. She had started skipping and dancing and humming along, and along the way she had lost sight of her friend.

An inconvenience indeed, a most dire one. Lucilly wished to help, to help Dorothy in her quest - whatever it is that is the goal of hers - and yet it was even for the dimmest of god's creatures clear to see. If Lucilly was not where Dorothy was, then Lucilly could not aid Dorothy.

Such a tragedy. Such a bold move, when Lucilly - to solve this little problem - thought quickly and clearly, and went straight to where she would see the best. A rooftop, though dangerous in it's lacking security features, it delivered with an awful view. An awful view, that did not contain the entirety of the island. Yet, her eyes could see far enough. Or so Lucilly hoped.
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