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The other girl left with an accurate parting shot. At least they were smart and took their chance, not like everyone else. Not like Lily.

Lily didn’t move from that spot all night. She fell asleep where she was, despite the inherent danger of sleeping in a hallway. She didn’t sleep well, drifting in and out of consciousness with Lizzie rarely leaving her mind for more than a few seconds. She couldn’t say where sleep began and ended, if it ever did.

She wasn’t hungry when morning came. She just picked out her notepad and waited, as per usual. This time with significantly more dread than normal. Isabel eventually emerged. She didn’t talk. That was a relief.

The announcements came on. Most of them passed over Lily, just notes to be jotted down as she waited for Danya to out her to the rest of the island. She almost hoped she’d hear Emma listed as well, just so she wouldn’t have to dread that possible reunion anymore, but the moment the thought occurred she felt ill.

Lily’s attention did get pulled in when she heard Alvaro’s name. She wasn’t really surprised. He wasn’t the only first-day killer to die, anyone who killed so early just had a target painted on their backs. And she couldn’t imagine him being as cruel and inhuman as Isabel was, which was starting to seem like the only way to keep a reputation like hers from killing her.

It was hard to feel sad at this stage, but… there was something. A vague sense of loss for the guy she used to play chess with, who had wanted warmth that Lily could never give.

And then there was Lizzie. To Lily’s surprise, the terrorists highlighted her intent pretty well. Made her seem well-meaning, if inept. It didn’t even sound like she was working with Isabel, just maybe that she’d happened along at the time. Maybe there was time to leave, after all.

But if she left, where would she go?

Isabel said where they were going. She always did. Lily was just a limb of Isabel now, with no agency of her own.

((Lily Caldwell continued in Paradies Naiv.))
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