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Ben's jaw stayed welded shut when he saw the barrel of the gun clear the denim hem of the killer's pocket. Adrenaline hurt like needles to the chest, but it was a familiar and ambient sort of ache. Easy shit to ignore, like the bullet still embedded into his arm.

Everything looked apt now. The enemy was clearly dressed and defined in bloody rags, everyone else was also clearly notated as cowering, sobbing, about to puke, whatever. Now that was more like it. Peace hadn't been the apropos look to wear in a situation like this. The only thing that was still out of place was Ben not being on the frontlines. He stepped forward, past Raina, presenting a full profile head on. Every shitty trembling inch of himself. He nodded solemnly, forcefully, when Raina's imposed what ultimatum she could with a steely voice Ben could have been proud of.

"Maybe you're not a monster, Kao. Maybe you know that. But there's nothing here for you."

The rock in his hand hurt as he clenched his fist around it so hard he could feel the blood stagnating, trapped. It hurt, but it belonged.
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