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It was finally working! She was calming down somewhat and didn't look like she was close to hyperventilating anymore. As he looked at her to make sure, he realised how good this felt. he hadn't done something like this since he met with Ben and Penelope. He hadn't heard anything about them from the announcements so he hoped they were alright and that Ben used the fucking kit. Swear the dude could be a stubborn bastard sometimes. At the same time it felt weird, he'd never done anything like this before. He wasn't what you'd call a people's person, he'd probably end up arguing with them than play wannabe therapist. Funny how things work out around here.

It was when she mentioned that she'd messed up as well, he realised he didn't know why she was here. He knew something bad must have happened for her to hole up here much like Penelope did days ago, although this seemed more like guilt dragging her down into despair than depression over losing someone close. Either way, letting her vent it out could be the solution to this. Besides, can't have been as bad as some of the crap he's done. He asked anyway.

"What happened?"
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