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(Godmodding of Lucilly allowed by Riki)

''Yeah there was like someone else with her that night and I was like 'woah, who is that?' and I've been thinking about her for a while now!''

Lucilly's words echoed in her.

''I don't think it's a ghost because I don't even think dead people would want to stick with her. She may kill them dead or something. She's that nasty.''

Dorothy let her shoulders rest on the padded wall and stared blankly at one of the corner.

''Maybe Death would stick with her since she's giving it a job, but I think it has higher standards that that.''

She let herself slide down to the ground, landing on her butt on the floor.

Lucilly followed her.

They were both sitting on the floor of the room, thinking about the ungodly creature that followed Iz around.

They would have talked until their faces turned blue, until their eardrum pierced, until their vocal cords ripped apart. They talked to each all day and all night. Speaking about everything and anything.

The day went by. Not quickly, not slowly, just at a normal rate. Their conversations turned to monologues when one went to sleep and then went to total silence when both of time lost their fight against time.

They were awaken once by the blaring sounds of the announcer, doing what an announcer's job of announcing a fire that announced itself somewhere on the island.

This resulted in giggles. The two girls laughed about the fact that someone who were also fated to die here decided to burn down some places. Their chatter went back to a normal rate then it accelerated, as if time was suddenly running out. They spoke out of turn, they bit their tongues, they scratch their voices on the back of their throat to be able to spat out the words they carefully needed.

Then, their eyes slowly shut. Both of them were fighting it, the girls started making jokes about their situation, their weapons, their captors, the announcer's grumpy voice in the morning. They fought and fought until they both passed out and went back to their quiet sleep.

When the sleepover ended, they went back home.

(Lucilly and Dot left together but were separated)
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