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"As long as we can make it."

Enzo didn't blame Nate for being down. Depressed you could call it, even. No, truly this was fucked. If ever there was a time to be upset and to lose hope, it was now.

But you had to hold onto something. You had to. There had to be something they could do here. Even if it was just hope. Even if it was just wait. If there was a million to one chance, then there was still that one in a million that some miracle would happen.

It had before. Twice. It could again. It could again.

Vinny shook his head once, and then again. He couldn't let Nate just say that. You laid down and accepted it and then you were dead. That wasn't any of them here, that's what Enzo wanted to believe.

"Nobody's like you, Crouchy. Nobody's like any of us.

"Look, people are out there, right? They haven't just forgotten we exist. If there's even the tiniest chance they find us, then you gotta keep going for as long as possible."

So many people hadn't made it already. So many were dead. What made the rest so special?

"Don't give up, Nate. This can't last forever."
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