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He was asking for answers. He was getting angry, but he was asking for answers and Coleen didn't have to worry about angry. She had a gun. She felt for Tyler, though... truly, she did. Everybody had their own way of expressing their grief and though Ty's was different from how she did it, it made it no less valid. She understood that and, as long as he kept his hands off of her, she would keep understanding that.

She supposed there was no point in holding back anymore, not if he asked for the details exactly as they went down with that much conviction.

"Alright," Coleen started. "I found her on the beach not too long ago. Two girls standing over her. She said... Isabel and Lily, but I don't know if she meant Lili W. or Lily C." Coleen gave the statement a moment to breath, trying to get a read on Ty's face before continuing. With Keith... that wasn't as hard. Keith was handling this in a way closer to how she would have, and probably would have done the same exact thing as her if he was there for a first-hand taste. "I started running towards them and the girls left. Probably because... well, this." She gripped the AK a little tighter and held it up an inch before relaxing her arms.

"She told me to tell you to watch out for the two of them. For whatever reason they did it, she was... hurt pretty bad. There wasn't anything I could do for her." Coleen gently chewed the inside of her cheek, piecing together the end of her story. "She wanted me to help her to her feet and then... she walked into the ocean."

That was all she could say. The announcements would confirm her story, so it didn't matter if Ty believed her or not. If he decided he was going to turn onto the two girls who killed Lizzie... it pained Coleen to think it, but that wasn't really her problem either. Since the killer would be identified come the next morning, all this information did was offer Ty a head start and hopefully give him some closure to the situation. Lizzie was dead... that was it.

"Sorry you had to find out like this."
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