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He got her name now, Amanda. Even while he was trying to come across as less threatening the tears were not stopping. Hiccups and stuttering came forth the words of why. Why? Good question. Why was he trying to help her? He didn't know her, and hell it wasn't exactly his forte in being nice to strangers, but there was something about her and this encounter, reminded him eerily of a few days ago and another girl hiding in a corner, having given up. He would have to tread carefully if this was the same case here, he didn't have backup who'd fix his fuck up this time.

"I'm tired of it all is why." Ever since the first day it's been an neverending cavalcade of fuck ups on his part. He let her slip out of his sight and signed her death warrant. Wandered around in a barely focused haze with one goal in mind, one that he'd fail at twice. Creep people out, make promises that he would inevitably break and finally, of couse, kill someone.

What a hero's journey.

His hands balled into fists as the memories of it came flooding back, he put them into his coat's pockets so she wouldn't see."I messed up the first day and Rea ended up dead for it, after that I've played right into what they wanted and done more bad than good." An understatement to say the least.

He got down on one knee again, put the two at eye level. "I want to make things right for once Amanda and if I can help you, that'd be.. good." The least he could do for what he's done so far. There's still a lot more that he could do, but this could be a good start.
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