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"It's Hannah and Noah," came the reply, this time from the other person, a girl, probably Hannah. "Yeah, what she said," the guy who was probably Noah chimed in. "Yeah, that's who we are. Who are you?"

Ben didn't really know a Hannah or a Noah. So that didn't help. But he didn't remember any Hannah or Noah from the announcements (though that didn't say much) and he was already talking to them, and he could run at any time and - oh god the girl was armed too!

Breath. "Huuuuuuuhuu." Breath. "Huuuuuuuhuu." "Focus, Ben", he thought. They weren't attacking him. They weren't being aggressive. They weren't even being rude. Just be nice.

"I'm, uh, Ben. Ben Lichter. I-- I don't know you, sorry. Please don't come closer. I can see you're armed and I don't know you, so... please. I'd like to talk, though."

Ben gulped. Compromise. That was the best he could do. He hoped he hadn't just wrecked his chance at a conversation.
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