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Penelope's eyes widened as the full gravity of the current situation dawned on her. She was standing just a few feet away from the girl who had killed dear, sweet Cristo.

She felt the whole world begin to fall away from her, the voices of her friends becoming muffled and indistinct. She tightened her grip on Raina in an effort to keep herself from collapsing, barely noticing the other girl shifting her to the side.

How could she have been so stupid? She saw the sword, she saw the gun, and most importantly she saw the blood, despite her best efforts to ignore it. She should have realized that Kimiko was a threat and that she was risking everyone's lives by even talking to her, even if she didn't know who Kimiko was. She always wanted to see the best in everyone, wanted to believe that everyone was open to reason and compassion, but anyone that would kill someone as peaceful and sweet as Cristo was likely too far gone to bring back.

Tears rolled down her face, her breathing quickening as the full trauma from all the deaths of her friends came roaring back to her all at once, now that she was finally confronted with one of their killers.

"Oh god no... oh god no no no..." She muttered, as she relinquished her grip on her friend and slowly lowered herself to the ground, covering her face with her hands. The world around her fell away completely, leaving her isolated, the cool grass underneath her being her only anchor to reality. Her crying turned into full on sobbing, her mind unable to truly understand and cope with the idea that her friends were gone. People she had spent years of her life with extinguished permanently, never to speak to her or experience joy ever again. Never able to truly live the only life they would get.

Her inelegant blubbering grew louder and impossible to ignore as she fell over to the ground, briefly bringing her back into reality before everything fell away again. Her breathing grew even quicker as her heart raced due to a combination of panic and trauma. Her mind and body were completely unable to cope with her emotions.

Penelope's hands slid off of her face, her eyes opening and shattering the illusion of oblivion she had briefly slipped into. Even through her own tears, she could see that her friends were angry and that Kimiko was blatantly distressed. She had to say something. She couldn't let anything happen here.

"Pl-please do-don't fight!" She forced out in between sobs, her arms shaking as she tried to pick herself up. "N-nobody needs to g-get hurt... please d-don't hurt each o-other... please..."
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