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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia looked at Jae as he dropped the crossbow and moved back. He had some other weapon on his belt, but she closed her eyes and chuckled.

"Don't worry, I give up," she said to him, kicking the chair leg to the side. "I accept that I fucked up and am now paying the price for that mistake."

Nadia looked at her friend, studying every injury he had received and how frightened he looked. He was going to have a rough time from here on out. If she really was his friend, she needed to do something for him before the end.

"Min-jae, I'm sorry," she said. "I thought I could take you out before you realized it. I thought I could end your suffering and prevent any more chaos that would follow in your wake. But I think I get it now."

Nadia looked around the area. A thought came to her as she gazed around the bridge. There was someone who had made an impression on this bridge a few days ago, so maybe she could as well. Nadia began to walk towards the edge of the bridge, keeping her back to the edge and staring at Jae the entire walk over. She could feel more blood dripping down her chest and leaving a trail on the ground as she walked, but she kept her focus on her friend.

"This game is all about the choices we make. It's not just because people are shitty that they kill, but because they found that to be their only option in all this mess. You chose to kill Samuel because you decided it was for your survival. I decided to try and kill you because I thought I'd be preventing more deaths and because I'd be relieving you from all your pain. Looks like all I did was bring about my own end."

Nadia reached the edge. She stepped onto the ledge and stared at Jae.

"But I'm making one last choice. I won't let them credit you for this death. What happened here was my choice, and I'm owning it. I won't let them give everyone else reason to come after you. My time here has been about being sneaky and making choices that benefit myself, but I think I'll make one last choice to help someone else."

Nadia chuckled a bit.

"But, who am I kidding? I just want to fuck with the terrorists one last time."

Nadia raised her bloody hand to her head. She extended her index and middle fingers, tapping them to her forehead before she flicked her hand out. She smiled at Jae.

"Make sure you make the right choices, Min-jae. See you around."

Nadia closed her eyes and held her arms out to her side. She stepped back a bit, and in a second, she was no longer standing on the bridge. Nadia kept her eyes closed the entire way down. She didn't want to see any more of the island or the game. She wanted to use her last moments of consciousness to think about what mattered to her in her life. She thought of her family, of Roderick, and of her photography. She had done a lot with her short life, and at the very least she was allowed to create something one last time before the end. One last image that encompassed who Nadia Juliette Riva was and the life she lived before it was finally over.

Nadia soon hit the water. The impact caused her to lose consciousness, and in a few moments, she would be gone from this Earth. However, as her consciousness faded, taking her memories, her ideas, and her thoughts into the sea and the next world, she was still smiling.

After all, this was her masterpiece.

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