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"No problem," Keith lied.

Even if he could understand, Ty's behavior was still bugging him tons. But fighting about him wouldn't fix it, even if it would feel great to just let out some of his frustration by telling him not to be a dick about everything. Especially about looking for Lizzie. It would have been a lot easier to search for someone if they had searched together instead of Ty running along and Keith having to follow him. That hadn't gone well before though. Sandra and Alice had just taken off on him, and even if their plan had been stupid, he felt like a bit of a jerk about it now.

Just a bit though.

Keith listened to the girl and he wanted to plug his ears and refuse to listen as she got near the end. He had suspected what she was going to say, but was hoping that she would say anything else so he listened anyway. For a moment as she finished with saying that Lizzie had left a message he just stared down at his shoes. He'd fucked up again. Maybe Ty was right to be pissed at him.

"Shit," he muttered.

He could feel his eyes watering and he was surprised. He didn't think he'd cried in a few years prior to being on the island, and now it felt like it could happen again at any moment. He brought his hand up to his face, and slipped a finger under his glasses to rub his eye. Maybe it would stop it. He wasn't sure.

He wasn't sure about much of anything at the moment.
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