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It didn't make sense.

Will Mckinley was perhaps one of the last people in the school she'd expect to be nice to her and here he was being completely, unreasonably, nice. She didn't deserve it, not her, not from him, not this, not anything.

"A-amanda." Her own name came between hiccups. The tears weren't stopping. She was trying to breathe, but her lungs kept heaving, refusing to let her stop.

He was trying to make her feel better, he'd even placed his gun on the ground.

"Sorry. I-I'm- It's-" She didn't know what to say. How was she supposed to tell Will, someone she knew only by vicious rumour, about how much of a flaming disaster she had been and how she was probably personally responsible for everything that was going to happen to Emma, Jaime and Lucilly?

She couldn't.

"Why are you being so nice?"
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