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Lily didn’t move from her position. She barely blinked. She felt a slight pang of regret when Isabel took away the sickle. Of course Isabel didn’t trust her with it. Only trusted her with it long enough for her to do that to Lizzie. Now that Lily was on Isabel’s sick, alien level… well, there was no more reason for her to have that weapon.

Then Isabel left the room to go sleep.

Lily finally moved after that, if only to slightly shift her position because it was cramping her legs. When she spoke, her voice was flat.

“You don’t want to be here when she wakes up.”

Even just speaking those words made Lily feel dread, like Isabel would wake up just at the warning and appear and gut one or both of them. Or just leave. Leave and abandon Lily with only the knowledge that all Lily had done so far was for nothing.

Lily pulled her legs to her chest and tightened her grip around them, rocking back and forth. She didn’t look at Cass.
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