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Kimiko wasn't caught off-guard by the reaction from Raina and Ben. In fact she had been expecting it. It didn't mean she was prepared to fully comply though. Whether Penelope had tricked her, and Kimiko believed she hadn't, wasn't important. The important thing was Kimiko was in a situation where Penelope's two companions didn't trust her and did not want her there. She had expected that.

So, when Ben asked her to take the gun out of her pocket she did. But what she didn't do was put it down. Kimiko knew well enough that the whole encounter was based off trust and while Ben and Raina didn't trust her not to become violent she equally didn't trust them not to try and take the gun. She had murdered Nancy for the gun and wasn't about to give it up, especially when she had no assurances that none of the three would try and take it as soon as she put it down.

Instead Kimiko made showed it to the group, making sure her finger was away from the trigger before putting it back into her pocket. Her newly freed hand busied itself playing with her bracelets, while the other stayed by her side, ready to grab the tantō if she needed too. Kimiko didn't want to hurt any of the group, but if they left her no choice she wouldn't have had to think twice. She hoped it wouldn't come to that however, the others just needed to realise that she was as uncomfortable dropping her weapons as they were with her holding them.

It was a stalemate.

So, Kimiko was left with nothing else to do but watch the group and wait for their reaction.
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