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"Alrighty. Suit yourself."

Isabel pulled out some of her bread and munched on it loudly, paying no mind to either Cass or Lily.

Unfortunately for her, it seemed that Cass was far too afraid of her to be swayed into being her morality-improving ally like Lily was. If Cass wasn't willing to stick around and make her look better, then she had no reason not to just gut Cass at the first chance she got. A bit of food and some sleep was probably all she needed to be ready to go again, in spite of her still aching wounds.

The room stayed silent for several minutes, except for the sounds of Isabel noisily chewing on her food. She absentmindedly looked over her fingernails, getting slightly annoyed at how long and unsightly they were getting. She would kill for a set of nail clippers and a file, easily.

Glancing over at Cass, she was tempted to ask if the girl had a set of nail clippers on her person, before deciding against it and looking back over at Lily. Ruminating as usual, with the bloodied sickle sitting on the ground in front of her. She smirked as she finished up the last of her meal, taking satisfaction in the fact that Lily would no doubt try to meekly justify that to the both of them later. There was nothing Lily could try to hold over Isabel's head now, and she no doubt knew it.

Isabel stood back up, nabbing her sickle from off the ground next to Lily, making it clear that she still didn't trust Lily with any weapons. She quickly cleaned it of Eliza's blood with her already-ruined sweater, before opening the door to the art therapy room and walking inside, doing her best to ignore the smell.

Flopping onto one of the couches in the room, Isabel called back out to the girls outside, her voice taking on a somewhat exhausted tinge. "I'm going to go ahead and clock out early, don't mind me."

With her weapons stowed and her arm around her bag, Isabel finished off one of her water bottles before quickly passing out from exhaustion.
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