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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Alessio. I said Alessio," Jerry whispered, only slightly irritated. In fairness, it's not like he knew exactly who the fuck that guy was (and with a name like that he sounded like a total dork), but he heard the name enough on the announcements that it started catching his attention. He had to say, he didn't wanna run into that guy any time soon.

Anyway, better pretend he's there already in order to freak people out.

His efforts seemed to be mostly wasted as the newcomer was none other than ol' Bart. Barty Bart Bart. Bart Simpson. Barty Crouch Jr. Bartholomew Roberts. "Baaaaaart, my man," Jerry sang, putting a smile right on that face of his. "Where the hell you been? Coulda sworn somebody killed you by now. Well, nice to see-"

Something went whizzing behind Bart's head, narrowly missing him. Bart seemed to have paid no notice to it, like it wasn't even really there. Looked like a box of... a box of soap? Was this going to be a recurring thing? Was he going to start having nightmares about soap?

"Uh... is there somebody else here?"
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