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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia's eyes widened as Jae turned right when she made her attack. Because of that, she only scratched the side of his torso. Jae's reaction was to swing the crossbow her way and nail her in the chest with it. This sent her stumbling back a bit, and also sent Jae to the ground. She could feel a stinging sensation in her chest. The tip of the bolt must have scratched her a bit. She'd have to deal with that in a bit, but she couldn't wait. Jae was down, and if she was to finish him, she had to do so before he could retaliate.

Unfortunately, Nadia discovered that she wasn't as fast as a crossbow bolt. She brought a stick to a sharpshooting contest, and now she was paying the price for it. The bolt flew through the air, hitting Nadia in her lower chest. She let out a cry, then fell backwards. She hit the floor of the bridge, dropping the chair leg to the ground.

She winced as she looked at the bolt in her stomach. She couldn't believe she had been shot with it. Blood was starting to seep out of the injury. She wasn't sure she could pull it out, but that didn't matter. Jae had wounded her, and she was sure this was going to be it. After five whole days of inaction, she was too weak to actually put up a fight, and now it had resulted in her death.

Well, not yet. Nadia sat up, keeping her hand over the wound, her fingers between the bolt sticking out. Her hand was getting warm with blood, but she had some things to say to Min-jae first.

"Okay, I see that wasn't a good idea," she said, her breathing starting to increase. "I guess I should have stuck to hiding."
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