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Coleen expected the conversation to turn to her, though she had hoped it wouldn't do that so quickly as it did. So Keith and Ty really were recent companions of hers as she suspected. But then, how did they become separated long enough for...

The wounds inflicted all over Eliza's body haunted Coleen. Now that there was no dying girl to serve as a pillar to, her stomach allowed itself to turn at the brutality of the wounds in Lizzie's stomach and her shoulder, how they must have burned in order to make her sob so. Her own eyes dropped to around the level of Ty's ribs as words flew around, struggling to arrange themselves in an order resembling a sentence.

Part of the difficulty laid in her own inhibitions. To relay the news of somebody's death was a weighted task except for, she imagined, the most hardened and most experienced envoys. Being neither of those things left her at a loss with how to proceed, made only worse by the fragile balance the three of them found themselves in at the beach. Ty was somebody who was suffering a great deal of loss, and she was about to make that sense of loss worse. All the same, it was important to remember that barring some great miracle, at least one of them would be dead within a few days.

"About Lizzie... yeah, I saw her. Pretty close to here," Coleen started. She took a breath and removed one hand from the gun, nervously tracing the bumps and ridges of the bad side of her face. The discomfort this caused distracted her from what she was about to do... a little, at least. "I don't know, um... how to tell you this."

"She, uh, had something to tell you before she... moved on. She's in the water now, on her own terms. I'm sorry, Ty. Keith." She took the time spent swallowing down another bit of spit to keep her throat wet to look at Keith and nod. "It was for both of you."
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