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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia slightly stepped to Jae's side as he began his rant. She had figured her pseudo-intellectual discussion about morality and action on the island would lead to more pleasant conversation. But Jae went off. Jae had a completely negative opinion about everyone and everything here. Nadia could understand it to some extent. Yeah, people were shitty, and she had mocked the general populace of Kingman in school or with Rod. But even she had to think there was something to be redeemed.

Min-jae's experience must have really broken him. He saw Isabel in all her madness, seen Michael in his boisterousness, and Brendan in his apologetic state, and all he could feel was anger. It had been a rough week, and her friend was becoming transformed by all of this. She could tell in his body language, as he swung his arms around and continued to raise his voice with each line.

It was one line that really got Nadia.

I don't care why any of them did it. The important thing is that they did, and they're going to fucking pay. Every single one I can get my hands on.

Nadia remained stone-faced as he finished his rant. Her teeth clenched tight, and her hand gripped tighter on the chair leg. Jae finally decided to keep moving, allowing her to exit the frozen state she was in during his rant. Her eyes closed slightly as she stared at Jae beginning to walk away. She looked over her friend, and she finally realized what he had become.

Jae was gone. The friend she knew back in Arizona was lost to the game. He wasn't as much a necrophiliac as Will nor as rowdy as Jerry. Hell, he wasn't as vicious as Caedyn. But he was truly gone. He had written off the rest of the class, and he was going to continue to draw blood while he was here. Nadia knew now that staying with him would lead to violent situations, probably resulting in her death at the hands of someone like Caedyn or Isabel or Brendan. The smart thing to do would be to run from Jae as soon as possible, whether it was to get lost investigating some noise or wanting to check out a nearby building.

But as he started to walk, another thought came to Nadia. She left Jerry and Brendan to their devices, and they had killed people. Brendan killed two people after leaving the cabin, and Jerry killed the girl he ran off with when they separated. If she left Min-jae alone, he could kill someone else, whether they were on his hit list or not. She had been a casual observer of the game, but wasn't it her responsibility to at least save people if she could? Wasn't that the kind of person she wanted to be back home?

Everyone needs their one.

Nadia slowly followed after Jae, keeping her gaze to the back of his head. It would be easy. He was already weakened from numerous fights. All it would take was one forceful shove of the chair leg, enough to pierce a lung or his stomach, and it would be over. Then she could get his supplies and remove a potential threat to the island. Her chances of survival would increase, as would the chances of everyone else who could potentially meet Jae on the island. In a way, she'd be doing everyone a favor. She could even help Jae by freeing him from these feelings and thoughts.

Betrayal was supposed to send you to the ninth circle of Hell, but could she rationalize it like Jae had rationalized killing Samuel? Nadia thought about it for a moment. Once she did, she swallowed the lump forming in her throat. She then raised the chair leg to her hip level, pointing it at Jae.

Yes. Yes I can.

It was for her sake, and for the sake of so many others on the island. For those reasons, she pushed the chair leg forward as quickly as she could towards Jae's back. This was her chance to do something about the game, and she wasn't going to waste it.
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