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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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And so they were off, to continue to walk into parts unknown. Nadia wasn't sure what to say now that she and Min-jae were allied. The last alliance fell apart when it became clear she was with a ticking time bomb, but was Jae the same? If everyone in Cochise High was now revealed the have the capacity to kill, was that something that was always there, or was it something brought out by the situation? Nadia was a believer in nature vs. nurture, but now more than ever it was on her mind.

She walked, absentmindedly turning the chair leg in her hand while remaining blank. Jae then asked her what she was thinking of. Nadia slowed down.

"Not much," she said. "Just curious about what drives people to play this game."

Nadia looked at Min-jae.

"I mean, I can believe that people like you would kill to defend themselves, or that people can kill accidentally. But what about people like Caedyn who stab unarmed girls to death? Or people like Isabel who can keep killing long past the point they'd even be required to. I know there's that one-kill rule, but is that what motivates them all? Or were they all just waiting for an opportunity like this game to defy all societal expectations and tap into something darker?

"Sorry if this sounds weird, but I was just curious since I've been at most a casual observer to this game. I don't know if I can entirely understand all the killers, but I would like to at some level."
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