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Sandra didn't say anything in response to Bryony's question. She didn't have a good response to it, really. Looting the dead? It was unlikely that any killers would leave any weapons from their victims' loadouts. Robbing someone? And leaving them alive? Sandra didn't think she could get away with trying to rob a killer, or even someone trying to keep their weapon for self-defense. And if she couldn't, there was no way Alice or Bryony could.

There was of course, the third option, and the option that some of the others on the island had already undertaken. Sandra didn't want to think about it, not because it made her sick. Sandra was well past that point, as uncomfortable as that thought was. But she didn't need those negative thoughts to seep in while Bryony and Alice were still trying to stay positive.

Sandra sighed.

"I dunno, I dunno, but..." she said, her hands going into her pockets, "We can't just... we can't just do nothing."

The last word, nothing, had come out more like a growl than a word, and Sandra immediately looked away. She walked over to the other side of the tower, near the stairs, still in view of the other two girls.
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