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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Min-jae had a place in mind to go to and people in mind to meet. Hazel and Jordan were people who had been away from the announcements for the last few days, so they were probably decent people for now. Nadia had to wonder if they were also okay with Min-jae's explanation for killing Samuel. Maybe they had been around for the incident, and maybe they experienced the awful things Jae experienced alongside that.

"Well, I can at least walk with you until we get to the vehicle depot," Nadia said. "I don't know about your buddies, but at the very least it'll be nice to be near someone with a decent weapon unlike this oversized toothpick I have."

Nadia looked at the chair leg and then the crossbow Min-jae was holding. Of course he'd get better weapons for killing and fighting his way through the last week. The most she got was a toothbrush. She hadn't even found a use for those walkie talkies that were weighing her down. Jae was dealing with so much shit and he'd keep getting rewarded for it.

Nadia stepped aside and gestured towards the other end of the bridge.

"Lead the way, I guess."
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