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((Will McKinley continued from Lord of Lunatics))

After running away from the basement and leaving Michael to whatever fucked up things Alex would do to him, Will retraced his steps upwards and decided to keep himself to the second floor. This time he made his way over to a corridor with a few prominent rooms sticking out. He hurried into the room with his gun, still wet and working to see if he could fix it.

As he entered the room he didn't notice her at first, as he was preoccupied with his gun and trying to stop the pain in his throat after Michael's punch from earlier. He'd tried to keep it out of his mind, but as the adrenaline died down the feeling returned tenfold and he could really feel how badly it hurt. Lucky for him that Michael screwed himself over and he wouln't have to deal wtih that lunatic anymore.

Seriously though? Helicopter cock of justice? He'd heard people had lost their minds here, but it didn't really process in his head how badly til he heard that phrase while getting hit in the crotch by some flock of seagulls wannabe.

It was then he stopped and slowly turned as the frightened girl in the corner entered his sight. He'd seen her face around school, a fellow senior. Amanda Tan he believed her name was. She didn't look too good, much like Penelope from a few days ago, eyes red and puffy probably from crying not too long ago. He didn't know what she'd gone through, but maybe... Just maybe he could make up for what he's done.

"Are you alright?"
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