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For some reason, that's what pulled Ty up and made him chuckle. Keith? Dangerous? Maybe to himself. Ty shook his head and looked down from the sky. "Nah. Keith's a pussycat. Guarantee he's more afraid of you than you are of him." He couldn't picture any situation where that wasn't true. Keith just didn't catch him as a fighter.

Ty bent over with his hands to the ground to help him get up. Goddamn the sand digging into his knees stung. At least it could distract him a little. After all that running and screaming some of the raw anger had managed to die down, and he just felt fucking empty. There wasn't much in his tank to start with and he'd just burned a good chunk of it on pissing in the wind. Seemed about right given the circumstances.

He gave his neck a couple of sharp cracks before turning to at the girl he'd been talking to for the first time. If he was still all worked up he might have freaked out over the gun, but given their chat he wasn't too worried. If she wanted to shoot him, she had plenty of chances. Right now it just looked like she was protecting herself, and he couldn't blame her for that. There was even a long shot she might be able to help him.

When Keith wandered over, Ty gave him a nod. "Hey," he said before pausing with his mouth half-open for a couple beats. "Sorry." The apology came out more hesitant than he'd meant it, but that was all he was getting right now. They had something more important to look into than whatever spooked feelings the kid might have. He turned to the girl with the gun. "Any chance you've seen another girl running around her nearby? Name's Lizzie, blonde hair, green eyes, 'bout my height?" He knew that the chances weren't great, but fuck, he'd take anything at this point. Just something to reassure him that she was alive and okay and he hadn't fucked up too bad for once in this place.
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