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Bart felt his body tense up as he heard someone call out to him from deeper in the warehouse. They didn't sound too friendly, and the things they were saying definitely weren't friendly. He had a very strong urge to turn tail and run right there, fleeing in the hope of finding more pleasant company elsewhere. But he also figured that if he tried to run now, it might just make Jerry and his friends angrier, and they might even be willing to chase him down if that was the case. If it did come to that, he dreaded to think what the consequences may be.

Bart put his hands up, making sure to keep his flashlight shining a beam in front of him, and slowly sidestepped in the direction of the voices. He didn't want to look threatening in any way. "I-It's Bart. Bart Cappotelli." He called back, hoping that the non-aggressive manner of his introduction would soothe some nerves.

He continued to slowly make his way over, watching what the beam if his light revealed along the way. Once he passed by a couple of shelves, he saw two boys over near the further end of the warehouse, wielding flashlights of their own. He couldn't get a great look at them because of their distance and the darkness of the area, but they didn't look too happy at the moment.

Bart silently grimaced in fear.
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