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Oh god.

She was looking at him for help.

He didn't have the heart to tell her that he wasn't really capable of giving any, and even if he had somehow found the spine necessary for that much, he'd still falter because Jeremy was right here and he was freaking out right now.

But she looked away and took out the CD that they had found at the gym. The scratched surface of the case had pointed them to this radio tower as well. Was that a coincidence? Or something deeper?

He didn't really know, but now was as a good a time as any to find out, right?

Jeremy collapsed against the wall, Hazel looking blankly at the CD player. Him doing whatever it was he was doing.

Something needed to change and maybe the disc was just what they needed right now.

Maybe the disc was a message of some sort. Maybe someone had recorded something for them to hear as some sort of plea for help or something.

"Alright. Let's do it, then."

There was a light whirring noise and the clicking seek sound that he had almost forgotten existed as it prepared to play the song.

The tinny little speaker blared to life and something completely obnoxious started playing.

"What in the-" No. He didn't really want to know, did he?
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