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Well, that wasn’t really the reaction that Jeremy was hoping to get.

But really, what did he expect? It wasn’t like they were going to empathize with him. It wasn’t like they were going to tell him that it was okay. It wasn’t. What he did wasn’t okay. He should have known from the start that they weren’t going to give him any sympathy for it, so why did he assume that?

He wasn’t sure.

It would have been nice, though.

“Thanks,” he said, as Hazel handed him the water bottle. He supposed that it was supposed to be used for him to clean the bruises on his face. He honestly didn’t really know how to do that, but he appreciated the gesture. His face still hurt. Maybe it’d help? Or maybe he was supposed to drink it and rubbing it on his face would serve nothing but waste water. To be honest he wasn’t sure about this. Maybe he’d speak up. Ask Hazel what he was supposed to do with the water. Good plan? Yeah, good plan. Cleared his confusion out of the air and maybe get a little bit more out of what she was thinking.

But she was looking. At Jordan. With a look on her face that he recognised. They’d been like this before. Shifty. On edge. Back in the asylum, when they’d met with each other. When Alex had come out of the electroshock rooms.

He supposed that this was how it was going to be for him from now on. Shifty eyes. People on edge when they saw him.

Crying, when they thought nobody was watching.

His body moved. Towards the wall. His back found the sweet spot and he slid down, looking up at the ceiling.

To be honest, he was just… just sorta done with today. Maybe he’d just go to sleep now. Skip the rest of it. He’d wake up tomorrow and new things would happen and he’d go through that day and in the big picture this day would end up totally forgotten about. Good plan?



Last days.

No more big picture.


That wouldn’t work then.


Now what?

The voice of Hazel brought him back out of his thoughts. She had said something. Found something, apparently.



He smiled. Little bit more toothy than he would have liked, but whatever.

“So what, we play the CD and see what’s on it? That’s a plan, I guess.”
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