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Penelope gently took hold of the girl's hand and directed the both of them towards her allies, waving her free hand in the air to signal that things were alright. A gentle breeze blew over the cliffs from the sea as Penelope lead the way, keeping a slow pace to avoid tiring out her already weak legs even further. She turned her head back towards Kimiko, noticing the discomfort on the other girl's face. "Something wrong? Wait, actually... don't answer that. Since you kinda... can't. Um... sorry."

"I'll just..." She turned her head back in the direction of her friends. "Shut up, or something."

Awkward silence filled the air between them, the sounds of the breeze and the soft pitter patter of their feet against the grasses lining the cliff being the only things breaking the silence.

Eventually the duo finally got within talking distance of Penelope's companions, Penelope's grip relaxing and releasing Kimiko's hand before she ran up to and hugged Raina.

"Guys I got another friend! I think, anyway. Her name is um..." She turned her head back in the girl's direction. "Sorry to be a bother but um... could you... signal what your name is? Like um... mouth it or write it down or um... something. Sorry, again."
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