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Nobody could think the way Jerry Fury did - that was for certain, yes. He'd warmed up to Jerry a touch. Sure, he wasn't exactly the best long term planner. And sure, he murdered Toby. But he was protection, in a certain sense, and he wasn't that dumb. Definitely smarter than some of the people in Kingman, he guessed. He could never argue with having someone as physically fit as Jerry not wanting him dead.

Noise, a thud. They weren't alone. Someone else was in the warehouse. Slowly, Matt pulled up his empty Mauser, holding it in a vice grip. He glanced over to Jerry, who was busy trying to intimidate whoever it was that had the misfortune of running into the two of them in the dark. He decided to add his own little piece to it, when he had another noise in the dark. Talking. His head darted around, looking for the source of the noise and.. someone was throwing something. Shit, what if they had throwing knives, or something?

Well, he doubted they knew how to use them.

"If you know what's good for ya," Matt said, doing his best to try and sound intimidating. His best was as good as Jerry's worst. "You'll come out where we can see you. Me, Jerry fuckin' Fury, and.."

Who the fuck did Jerry say was with them? Hell, was that even a real person? He had no idea.

"And the other guy." He held his empty gun tighter.
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