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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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So Jae was on a quest for blood. Nadia felt her heart race start to increase. What a thing a week could do to a person. Min-jae may not have been the friendliest person back in Kingman, but he was still decent. Now he was prepared to hunt down and murder people. Nadia wasn't sure she could agree with it. Sure, there were people who probably deserved to die for their actions here, but she wasn't going to go after any of them. Yes, some of her friends were dying, but unless she could directly save them, she didn't see why it was important to go after people like Isabel or Caedyn. They'd keep killing, but they'd probably burn out after a while and croak, like Alvaro and Nancy.

Nadia rubbed the back of her neck again. That damn collar was still in the way, but she tried to move it a bit as she touched the skin on her neck.

"Well, can't say I'm surprised you'd go after those people knowing what they've done to you," Nadia said. "Someone has to do so."

That still left some things unanswered about Min-jae's plans. This was her friend, and she had to understand him a bit if his behavior was going to continue on for the rest of his time here.

"Was that the case with Samuel? Did he do something to you too?"
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