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Viewing Single Post From: The World's an Ugly Place, but I'm Still Afraid to Die
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"I see..."

Isabel looked back in the room, the stench slightly less overwhelming than when the door had been flung open initially. "If you wanted to check it out you could've just... run in there and opened the window? Oh except that window might not open... hum."

She shrugged her shoulders, relaxing herself somewhat back into the social persona that she had before the kidnapping. "Alternatively you could've just sat in there for a while and tolerated it. Your nose would start ignoring the smell once enough time passed... or at least I think that's how that works."

She looked back at Cass, seeing that same fear reflected in her eyes once again. Despite her obvious discomfort, she didn't seem to be in a hurry to run away. Perhaps if she decided to stick around long enough for Isabel to get her energy back then she'd make an easy kill. Or, alternatively, she could serve as a replacement for the unruly and dangerous Lily. Cass was one of the sweet types, and didn't actually try to kill Isabel, unlike Lily. She could make for a much safer ally.

"Food for thought," Isabel muttered mindlessly, under her breath.

She shut the door again, before sitting down next to Cass and opening up her bag with her free hand and flicking her eyes over in Cass' direction. "Say, want a snack?"
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