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Ben didn't dare to move. The figures were at the top of the stairs now, talking, but he didn't know if they could see him, it was so dark. His plan hadn't failed yet - he hadn't been spotted, technically. They couldn't be sure that he was there.

At least, that was what he thought. Then one of the two - a guy - hollered down the stairs at him. Ben jumped, and almost ran out of fright again. "Hey, we're not playing," said the guy, "so we'd like it if you weren't either! Is that cool with you?"

"Playing?" thought Ben. Was that what people were calling it? And they weren't... playing?

Well, good to know. Ben stayed put for a few more seconds, then realized that he should either answer them or go. He couldn't just stay standing there in the dark waiting for them to go. Because that wasn't going to happen. So he turned around. There were indeed two people there, at the top of the stairs - and one of them was holding a club or something.

"Run! They're armed and in a group! Run, you idiot!", came the inevitable outcry in his head. But something stopped him doing that. He hadn't talked to anybody all day, and only to the girl with the eye-patch the day before. He wanted to talk to people. He felt... lonely.

So he said the first thing that came to mind: "Who-- who are you?"
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