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Penelope didn't recognise her and Kimiko didn't really know how she felt about it. Penelope was asking if she wanted a friend. That caught Kimiko off-guard. She had been expecting a little bit of resistance or suspicion. But instead Penelope was acting like Kizi had, optimistic and willing to give her a chance. Kimiko could never had done the same thing; she just saw too much potential for betrayal. Trust wasn't something she had much of.

But the offer was so genuine. Kimiko could tell from the body language of the girl that Penelope didn't have an ulterior motive behind the question. Despite that Kimiko wasn't sure; she could see Penelope's companions further back; she wasn't one hundred percent sure who they were though. The important thing was that it looked like Penelope was telling the truth and no one was waiting to jump out to ambush her. The problem Kimiko had was that she couldn't safely say what the reaction of the rest of Penelope's group was going to be to her presence. Penelope seemed to know who she was, which made her offer all the stranger, but the other two might not have been so welcoming.

Kimiko didn't know how well she would be able to deal with two people if they tried to attack her. She had gotten lucky the last time it had happened thanks to Caleb's warning but he was gone. She did have Nancy's gun though.

The other major problem stemmed from Penelope not realising who she was. She didn't seem to be aware that Kimiko had killed Cristo. Kimiko was slowly remembering that the two were supposed to be friends and the knowledge made the offer from Penelope one Kimiko feel guilty about. If Penelope truly didn't know then it just meant Kimiko was taking advantage of her. Maybe she did know though and she was still able to look past it?

It wasn't something Kimiko could say for sure. In the end Kimiko nodded, maybe she was being given an honest chance.

She didn't want to waste it.
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