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The smile disappeared.

Well, there was Johnny running away. Alessio was perplexed and felt anger boiling up inside. He waited for hours for nothing. Absolutely nothing. He set a trap that had no purpose. He had a confrontation with Johnny, but nothing had happened. The game was going on for both of them. The game was not ending. He was sick of this game. He was afraid of this game. Who knew what would happen next?

So Alessio tried to set up the trap again. But then, he felt too frustrated when trying to balance the weight again. No, that trap is not successful.

He left the gym, to find a new place where he could set up safe traps. Safe ways to reduce the numbers of people here, reduce the numbers of days the class had to stay here.

But he had to look at the bright side. He survived and lived another day...There was no bright side.

((Alessio Rigano continued in All I Have To Do Is Dream))
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