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"Jukno?" she asked, frowning and inspecting one of his facial bruises.

Hazel didn't know anything about her. She didn't know if what he said made sense or not. Jeremy took the gun out of his pocket and Hazel felt her heart jump into her throat and she took a quick step back with her hand snapping away from Jeremy and clutching her chest instead.

His next words indicated that he'd just taken out his gun for illustrative purposes and more importantly, to suggest he'd shot Junko which Jordan immediately requested clarity on before finding it himself.

Her hand slid down away from her chest and back to her side. She could feel her breathing had picked up from the momentary panic and took a deep breath that she disguised as a sigh. Hazel slowly moved towards her bag and unzipped it.

He'd killed someone and unlike the last killer they'd encountered he seemed to be pretty sane and implied that it was done in self defense, which made it difficult to write him off. Truthfully, she didn't want to. Hazel got a water bottle out of the bag and held it up to him.

She could ask him what happened or ask him what circumstances lead to him killing Junko. The second question was a little more confrontational, though it was probably the most important question they could ask regarding the situation.

"It's kind of cold. It might help a little" she said about the bottle, putting it on the table.

Hazel's foot knocked her bag and the CD fell partially onto the floor. She knelt down to pick it up and shot a furtive look at Jordan.

What should we do?

Her hand took hold of the fallen item and her nails clacked lightly against the plastic case.

Ask how he killed Junko.

But what if she didn't want to know the truth? What if it made it impossible for him to stay with them? It wasn't that she was really so attached to Jeremy, but that there were so few people that could be counted on. Here was a person who said he'd come back to them and he did.


She put the CD down next to the stereo he'd brought them, leaving her hand on top of it.

"....found this," she said, looking to the objects on the table rather than at Jeremy.

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