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Clarice sprinted. She sprinted until she was far from the building, and only then did she stop to look around.

By the time she did, she could see flames licking the windows. Slowly, but surely, smoke was starting to rise from the building. Right now, only a trickle. But the fire was still growing. Clarice stopped not far off, hiding behind a different building to peek at the smoke.

She held her breath. Waiting for her collar to pop.



Nothing happened, except that the fire continued to burn.

Clarice breathed out—and regretted it somewhat, since now she could taste the smoke in the air—and left, jogging instead of sprinting. She hoped Kizi and Bart knew what she’d meant by the fire. Hoped them and the other girl had made it out. Hoped that if they didn’t understand why she’d done if they could at least forgive her for it.

And she had to hope that if that smoke was bringing help, that it would bring help soon enough.

In the meantime… she’d try to live. And try to think of something else. Because like fuck she was done yet. She wasn’t done until there was no-one left to fight.

((Clarice Halwood continued in All Good Things To Those Who Wait.))
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